Extending Play is back, and this iteration will play with the concept of time. Papers and projects at Extending Play 3 will excavate the past, interpret the present, and forecast the future of play and games.

Extending Play 3 asks important questions about the temporalities of play from emergent scholarly perspectives: Can media archaeology and game preservation revise the history of games and play? Do new methodologies, such as big data and network analysis, force us to reconsider the predictability of play? Can queer temporalities of play produce new activist futures? How is gamification shaping our experiences of time? How are notions of time and play constructed by social scientists, humanists, preservationists, and policy researchers?

Keep reading to view the current draft program, including speaker names, titles, and times.

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This is a preliminary schedule, and as such is still subject to change. If you have any questions, or if you notice a mistake, please email extendingplay@gmail.com.